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Problem accessing /user-summary.jsp

Hello everyone i have setup a openfire v 3.7.1 with external auth against openldap there were no error in this procedure (i test the user and group maping and it was ok) however when i click over user/groups then i get a error 500 (it seems that there severe source for this 500 error to pop up) then it show the fallow output

Existing at-character at the first character of the string indicates that an empty node part is provided. This is illegal.

So i search trought my user to see if any of them have the - chracter on it, and the where some field like last name or comentary where that character showsup i drop them all but the error still persist, can anyone give a hint whit this.

PD i will add the rest of the output in the atached file.

Sorry for the english and thank for your time and effort.
usersumaryoutput.txt.zip (1044 Bytes)