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Problem - Can't Join Conference

I’ve got OpenFire set up and running fine.

I’ve got several computers running Spark and they work fine - everyone can ‘see’ everyone else and Instant Messaging between computers works fine.

I set up a Conference, called ‘911’, and set it up for Members-Access only, no password required. I added several members to this conference’s members list.

When I try to connect from the computer/user who is the ‘owner’ of the conference, I can connect.

But, when I try to connect from one of the computers/users who is a ‘member’, I get a message “Unable to join the room”.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, I can’t figure out a way to ‘bookmark’ a conference from a computer/user who has not ‘created’ a conference room. Is there a way to do this?

John Rayfield, Jr.

I figured out part of the problem: I had “Only Login with Registered Nickname” checked. I was using the ‘registered nickname’ to login, but it wasn’t working. I unchecked this box in Openfire and now I can log in ok.

Any ideas as to why this wasn’t working?

I still need to know how to ‘bookmark’ a conference room that hasn’t been created on the user’s computer - I just can’t figure this one out.