Problem closing the window


After I got everything working fine with redfire, there is still a problem that I can’t figure out why.

Whenever we do a conference audio and video using spark with redfire, I am unable to close the conference window.

When I click the X nothing happens, in the task bar, right click the window an close still not working.

The audio and video still works.

Only way I can close the window is by killing spark.

Any idea?

Nick, the user Michaelh solved my problem, see below his message:

Hi !

I had the same problem, the only way I’ve found so far to solve was to change the version to 2.5.8 Spark in which works perfectly.

I hope I have helped!

see u.


That’s not a solution, but a workaround. It would be nice to find out why it does that on 2.6.3.

I need to use Spark 2.6.3 because of some new features that 2.5.8 doesn’t have.