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Problem connecting client to Wildfire deployed on Tomcat


I installed Wildfire as a Tomcat webapp (Tomcat running on port 8080) but am having trouble getting a client to connect to it. When I use JBother, I get an error “XMPPerror connecting to officialmusic.justnv.com:5222

The wildfire webapp settings are :

Wildfire Home: /home/webadmin/officialmusic.justnv.com/html/wildfire

Server Name: officialmusic.justnv.com

Server Ports

1: IP:Port, Security:, NORMAL

Domain Name(s): officialmusic.justnv.com

2: IP:Port, Security:, TLS (SSL)

Domain Name(s): officialmusic.justnv.com

Does anyone know what settings I should change on the webapp / client to enable them to connect to each other? Thanks.

Hi Stephen,

it seems that Wildfire did bind to which is the loopback interface. With “netstat -an | grep 5222” you can verify this.

a) Maybe your /etc/hosts file contains a line “ officialmusic.justnv.com” and Wildfire uses this IP address. Ask your system administrator if it is possible to change it to “ officialmusic.justnv.com”.

b) Or you did specify the network interface tag with ?



Thanks LG,

I changed the etc/hosts file and restarted the server, and it is showing in the wildfire/tomcat admin interface. There are no entries in the network interface tag so I left it alone.

However, it still doesn’'t work; and when I type “netstat -an | grep 5222”, it gives me ;

tcp 0 0* LISTEN

Do you have any further suggestions?


as netstat did work fine, try “telnet 5222”. Then you should enter (blind, without echo) " …". If this is the case then you can connect to the server locally.

Is there a iptables or an external firewall around which blocks this port?


Thanks LG,

after spending a couple of days messing around with iptables, I decided the easiest way to get things running is to install a java client on the same server (since it connects locally as you pointed out) and get users to login through that interface instead.