Problem import user

im problem to import user

A lot of people have this problem

Please Support

Good Morning!

After losing a lot of time, and researching some post I made a step-by-step:

1 - downloads the plugin “userImportExport.jar”;

2 - open it with winrar (or any program that decompress the .jar);

3 - Edit the file “wildfire-user-schema.xsd.xml” which is in the class folder;

4 - change the line <xs: schema xmlns: xs = “” elementFormDefault = “qualified”>, remove the letter “c” address “” ;

5 - save the “wildfire-user-schema.xsd.xml” and add the “userImportExport.jar” replacing the original;

6 - upload the plugin;

So perfect wheel !!!

Or use this attached.
userImportExport.jar (678708 Bytes)