Problem in installing Jive Messenger on Multihomed Linux system

Hello friends,

I have installed Jive on Multihomed Linux machine. It is having IPs and

I have installed Jive on IP client port is 80.

I have installed one application server on is 80.

When i am runnig my application server /bon port 80 on IP and

running jive /bon and client port 80 (Client is Smack) it is giving error as

Address is already in use.[/b]

So anybody can tell me about how to intall Jive messenger and other application server on Multihomed Machine on port 80 only.

Thanx in advance.



I still do not understand why one wants to run Wildfire as root, the bind settings can be found here:



It was very useful.

For Wildfire 2.4.3 and 2.4.4!default.jspa?externalID=503 is the right document.