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Problem integrating Openfire with Active Directory

HI, sorry if this question has been answered before but as I am new to Openfire…,

I am trying to install Openfire and integrate it with LDAP(active directory). The Openfire server is a Solaris 9 box and LDAP is on Windows server 2003.

After entering the info for the connections settings and hitting “test” I get:

LDAP error code 8 - 00002028:LdapErr: DSID-DC09018A comment - The server requires binds to turn on integrity checking if SSL/TLS are not already active on the connection.

I was told we do not use SSL/TLS and as I am not a windows admin and the person who is could not figure this one out:

  1. Which server is the error referring to?

  2. Where do we turn on “binds” and what is the syntax used?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.