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Problem loggin to admin console

Hi everybody, I just installed my openfire server (with embedded database) but I already have some problems:

though username and password are right I get an “Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’re an admin or moderator”.

I have already read some topics but

1)Restarting openfire not works (I can’t find a “restart” command so I pressed “stop” and then “start” again, is this what you meant for “restarting”?)

2)I dunno how to check the embed database so I can’t go see if the admin account I created is there…

I tried to install an external database too (oracle) but I can’t make the step

  • start sqlplus and run “@ openfire_oracle.sql” because the script does not appear to be a valid script (I got an "impossible opening file openfire_oracle.sql)

Anyway I’d be much more happy if I could use openfire with its embedded database as I don’t need making such a complex application.

Help me please:(

Solved…as username I entered the whole admin email , so if the mail was "admin@example.com" I just had to enter “admin”…geez the guide was not so clear about this=_=