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Problem running Spark 1.1.4 on Linux

when i tried running Spark with ./Spark it returns this error:

root@[22]% ./Spark

Preparing JRE …

Error: Could not open jar file: lib/rt.jar

Error unpacking jar files. Aborting.

You might need administrative priviledges for this operation.

please help

A few questions: Where is your Spark installed to? Is it a remote filesystem? If local, what is the filesystem type? How much disk space do you have fee on that partition?

As a side note- its a bad idea to be doing normal user operations as root. You are just inviting yourself trouble. Use a non-priviledged user when possible.

my spark is currently on a network drive and there are lots of free space

But do you have permissions to write? If it is NFS, and you are root, is root_squash turned on (it is unless you specify no_root_squash on the server exports) you do not have permissions to write.