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Problem saving draft


I’d like to edit vCard 2 OFUSER Plugin and replace the content with a newer one for the next version and I want to remove the attachments which all works fine. Saving the current state (without the new attachments) as a draft always fails for me with h1. System Error

  • The form has already been processed or no token was supplied, please try again.

. For me this looks a lot like a bug.

I did create a new document with the same content temporary document as “Save Draft” fails for me and did save it as draft, this worked without problems. I’ll copy the content of this document in the original one and delete it as soon as I release the new plugin version.


Yes, this is a bug, and I had this happen to me yesterday. This can happen when you lose your connection to the server usually when taking a long time to edit a document. I recommend saving early & often when editing documents until we get this bug fixed.