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Problem Saving users preferences running the JAJC client


I’‘m new here and all this forum has helped me with the LDAP. Thanks! Although I’‘ve been having this problem and I can’'t seem to find a solution, I though to post this on this forum hoping someone came across a similar situation.

I installed Jive 2.1.3 on Win2k3 with LDAP and MySQL and private data storage enabled on the server.

I am using JAJC as our clients and when I try to customize my preferences and click on OK, I get disconnected from the Jive server and when I log back in, my preferences are gone! Is there something I can I do to save each users settings?

Please help.


Hey Monkichi57,

Which JAJC version are you using? I think this is a client problem and not a server issue. JAJC has fixed the following problem: “Disconnect when saving changes”. If you are using Tools -> Preferences then no message is being sent to the server. Let me know if you are doing something else from JAJC so I can try to reproduce it.


– Gato


I was using the stable version 112, and I tried using 113 and it works now. Thanks!