Problem setting up pyAIMy, pyMSNt and other transports

I’‘ve read through as many threads in the forums that responded to ‘‘transport’’, ‘‘pyAIM’’ and such, and I can’‘t find an answer to the issue I’‘m experiencing - so I’'d appreciate any and all responses.

I’‘ve got Wildfire (2.4.2) setup and running under Linux/Fedora Core 4 (using the RPM). The Wildfire server works flawlessly with both the latest Spark and Pandion clients. Recently, I’'ve recieved requests to give users the option to connect to AIM, MSN etc. Reading through the forums and other docs, it seems that py(IM)t seems to be the way to go.

I found the threads which pointed me to these URLs:

So I followed the instructions, and specifically did this:

  1. yum install python (>2.3)

  2. yum install python-twisted

  3. yum install python-crypto

  4. yum install pyOpenSSL

  5. yum install PIL (you’'ll have to get this one from ATrpms)

  6. mkdir /usr/local/wildfire

  7. download pyAIM, pyMSN - untar into /usr/local/wildfire

  8. cp config_example.xml config.xml (in each of the directories)

  9. vi config.xml (in each of the directories)

This left me with two config files, that (are) as below:

(For pyMSNt)

Component Sessions - but unlike Gato’‘s screenshot, the fileds for “Name” “Category” and “Type” are blank. All the other fields look exactly the same. The screenshot I’'m referring to is this one: 5-2149/screenshot.PNG

(If the URL is messed up, look at this post)

So after that lengthy preamble, here are my questions:

  1. Do I need to install/configure ejabberd as in the tutorial step 6 (from above)?

  2. If not, what am I doing wrong?

  3. How do I add AIM users to Spark (assuming that this is actually working right now )?

Thanks, and kudos on an excellent project and all of your hard work. This thing is -very- impressive.

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Here’'s what I see with a ‘‘netstat -an’’:





And from a ‘‘ps -auxxwww|grep py’’:

root 24088 0.0 0.3 13116 7776 pts/0 S 15:55 0:00 PyAIMt

root 24096 0.0 0.3 12300 6892 pts/0 S 15:56 0:00 PyMSNt src/

And from an ‘‘fuser -n tcp 33106’’ and ‘‘fuser -n tcp 33107’’:

33106/tcp: 24088

33107/tcp: 24096

So… is this a good sign?

Okay, looks like I got this solved.

In case this helps anyone else in the future, here’'s what I had to do:

  1. It looks like everything -was- setup to work right, except for the config.xml files for pyAIM, pyMSN, etc.

  2. The change I needed to make was to the JID, SpoolDir and MainServer attributes. I had supposed that since I created CNAMES of ‘‘’’, ‘‘’’ etc that pointed to the A record of ‘‘’’, that I could use ‘‘’’ as the JID. This assumption was incorrect. Same deal for the MainServer attribute. Spooldir may or may not have been an issue, but I chose to change that to keep things clean and transparent. So now the new config.xml files look like this:

This left me with two config files, that (are) as below:

(For pyMSNt)

As regards adding users to Spark, I read the forums further and ‘‘discovered’’ a few other clients like Pandion, Exodus that have easy options to add transports directly from the menu. Installing one of these clients and using ‘‘’’ as my ‘‘Other Transport’’ displays all the avilable transports (AIM, MSN, ICQ), and once these are activated, users can be aded from AIM, MSN, etc.

Very clear describing. This thread is worth to become a part of KB i think

This does clarify the difference in the are ignored as it is unknown, stated at startup:

“Tag mainServerJID in your configuration file is not a defined tag. Ignoring!”

This thread did produce the results I was looking for, it should become a part of the KB after the edit for current stable version of pyMSNt 0.11

Thank you