Problem setting up

Hi i am in the progress of setting up a forum at forums-free and i notices there is a jabber setting within the forum itself

i have been trying for about 9 hours now to setup my own server using the openfire server software and im getting nowhere fast

i am trying to set up the server so that the forum can use this as its jabber server and im pulling my hair out trying to get it to work

i have setup a dynamic dns which is this has set up and is working fully

i have set the server name to insertnamehere.dyndns,org and created a new user called test

i have forwarded all the ports listed on the server page which are











i have started and stopped the service but all i get is this

Openfire 3.5.2

Admin console listening at:



im assuming i should be getting more messages than that to confirm the server has started and listening for client transport

i am using a WPN 824v3 (netgear router) i have also placed the server machine in the dmz to see if that would eliveate the problem but as of yet it hasnt

i have also tried to connect via numerous clients but to no avail

im currently using windows vista

please could you help me and if you do i will be indebted to you