Problem telnet to openfire server

Hi, I’ve install OpenFire in WinXP and trying to telneting it from the same PC.

The telnet shows connecting and then hangs there. I have opened 5222 port in my router.

Any problem could have happen?

Thanks in advance.


How are you using telnet to test connectivity? If you are connecting locally, there is no need to worry about a router setting.

What happens if you connect with a real XMPP client?


erm if i use another pc to telnet will it works? or i need to install the client on the other pc before i could do a telnet?

in the mean time i’m trying to install spark on the other pc to see if it works.

thanks in advance.

If you installed openfire on windows XP I would turn off the windows firewall. It causes all sorts of problems. you should be able to use a client directly on the openfire box with no issues. The key is to use a fully qualified domain name for the openfire server. This is a true DNS name such as