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Problem: The packet received is automatically changed

Hi, Everyone!

I’m a rookie to Smack and now I’m programming with others using it. Nowadays I stuck in a problem…

I have register an inherited class of PacketListener to receive packets, however I find that the content of the received packets in the function “processPacket” is not the same as that one shown in “Raw Received Packets”(In the Smack Debug Window).

In a word, the packet is changed( Some tags are added to it) after reception, and this process happens before the function “processPacket” is entered.

So what causes this problem? Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Oh, it’s such a silly question and was solved by myself finally.

Maybe this question can help someone who is new to SMACK just like me:

Just type: ProviderManager.getInstance().addExtensionProvider(…,…,…); and that’s all !