Problem to load Conference - admin console and client [Help]

Windows server : SBS server 2008

OpenFire : 3.6.4

Spark Client used : 2.5.8

Hello, good morning, I am new here,

here in our network, we got an OPENFIRE server, since I restart yesterday we cannot access to the conference room.

Indeed, If I delete a conference I cannot add the conference.

In the admin consol, I can see only my service but not the room.

Here I put the log files :

The spark client loads normally with any problem, the problem is just with the conference.

thank you very much for any help,


Dear ALL, I solved the problem alone After few Hours.

Since a lot of month I did not restart the Openfire application, I had create in the past a ‘Service’ for the room which got a SPACE !!! it was the problem… so I DELETE all the service and conference using a tool to access to the database :

very USEFUL !