Problem to set/get Vcard


I have problems to get and set VCard(s) - either for my account or to get VCards for my buddies.

For, instance, when I try to get my VCard

VCard vcard = new VCard();

vcard.load(con); // load own VCard

System.out.println("@@ vcard:" + vcard);

I then got this log:

No VCard for

@@ vcard:

Any idea ? any sample code to retrieve a VCard ?

Thank you !

I’'ve been having similar issues with GoogleTalk, but only recently. It never had excellent VCard support, but now it throws a “(503) service unavailable” when I try to retrieve a gmail vcard. Other jabber clients like psi can get the vcard, but for some reason Smack seems to have trouble now.

Any thoughts?