Problem using /quiet .MSI install

I pushed out a .quiet .MSI of Spark 2.5.0 on a workstation that had version 2.0.7. Neither version works after pushing the install to the workstation. If I uninstall both versions and then push the install back to the workstation it then works. It seems that I need to uninstall the previous version prior to the new version being installed when using the /quiet switch.

How do I do this?

No matter whether you use switches or not. Spark MSI isntalls are not suitable for such tasks yet.

Your problem described in my thread:

And you should check if it works correctly, cause in my case Jingle is absent:

Other problems:

I’'m thinking maybe making your own MSI with Spark exe installs would work better. E.g. with Free version.

I guess my goal is to find a way to auto uninstall the old version and reinstalll via the advanced installer. Correct?

I got it to work! I used a program called ‘‘StubbieMan SFX Maker’’. This program allows you at convert a .MSI file to a .EXE with various syntax and/or options. I allows you to run a series of commands before and after the install. So, I created .CMD file with the below commands:

taskkill /F /IM spark.exe

erase “c:\program files\spark*.*” /F /S /Q

msiexec /i
drexel_3\support\apps\network\spark\spark_2_5_0.msi /quiet

I added the .CMD file in a file to be executed during the .EXE install. In return it ran the above commands. I referenced the .CMD file and the .EXE file vua UNC paths to void having to map drives. I used the custom software deployment utility built into GFI’‘s Network Security Scanner. It’‘s a reall simply software deployment utility and there are plenty of free ones out there. So, the goal is to create a .EXE file that runs a .CMD file. This .CMD file needs the above commands. These commands kill the currently running spark.exe process, which in return allows the ERASE command to delete all files pertaining to spark. Then the msiexec command launches the actual .MSI install. All of this done through the .EXE file that ‘‘StubbieMan SFX Maker’’ created. It’'s a free download…

I’'m about to deploy it to 70 workstations.