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Problem when moving between subnets

Hi All,

I’'m using Spark 1.1.3 on Linux at the moment, and I have the following problem:

I use a laptop which I often move between different subnets, so sometimes I might be on a wired network on one subnet, and then move to a wireless network on another subnet.

If I leave Spark running and change networks, Spark doesn’‘t realise this and keeps running, however no messages come through from other users, although the other user is not aware of this and thinks that I’'m getting their messages.

To other users I continue to show as being online, although obviously that’'s not actually the case. My online status only seems to update if I quit Spark, and reload it. Any messages that were sent to me whilst I was in that state are lost.

Now, some other applications also don’'t like having their network interface changing from under them, however if I standby my laptop before changing networks (which I normally do), other apps like Thunderbird and Firefox recover OK after resume and just continue to work as normal.

Anyone else have this problem?




it seems that this problem is not related to SPARK-277. I’‘m using Windows and don’'t change my subnet but I really wonder how the TCP connections should be kept open if you are changing your IP address (or the subnet). So Spark should imho detect that the connection was lost and disconnect.

Can you successfully send messages to other clients or is this the time when Spark detects the lost connection?



Ok just did a test, and no Spark does not detect that there is a lost connection, and the messages do not get to the clients.

I sent a message FROM my machine (that had changed IPs), and there was no indication that the message hadn’'t got through, but the recipient received nothing.

Then I send a message TO my machine, but that never arrived. My status still shows as available, although messages sent to me in this state fall into a black hole.

For example when using GAIM (not with Wildfire BTW) and I change my IP, after a while it pops up a message saying I have disconnected from the server etc, would I like to reconnect. I think Spark should work in the same way.



Just an update, it seems that Spark does popup a mesage about being disconnected after a LONG timeout, however this doesn’‘t maximise the window so the message stays hidden if Spark is minimised to the tray. (and pressing Yes to reconnect doesn’‘t work, as I’'ve mentioned in another thread).

However the fact that messages disappear into a black hole is the main concern here I think.