Problem when register the same asterisk user in different computers

Hi Dele,
I’m trying to install a flash button on a website, where multiples user will use the same asterisk username to register.

There are tree differents cases:

1 – with Red5 server standalone, without openfire. Red5phone can’t register with the same asterisk username.

2 - Using Openfire with red5 plugin. In this case I can register two red5phone with the same asterisk username but the first telephone lose the phonecanvas object and then I can’t operate the phone. ( image attached)

3 - Using Callme, if one computer connect to callme/index.html and another computer connect to the same page the first telefono disconnect.

Someone has any idea of how to create a button for a website?

You can only register a single user with a SIP extension or account. If you need to make a call ring on multiple SIP extensions at the same time, you have to use a PBX like asterisk and modify your dialplan to ring multiple SIP extensions when the call rings.

In asterisk, you would do something like this


to ring SIP/1001, SIP/1002 and SIP/1003 when extension 1000 rings.