Problem wirth CaCert Certificate


Following Problem. I wanted to install a certificate obn my wildfire 3.01 Server. I deleted the standard certificates an entered the servercertificate i got from the Organisation.

I restartet the server but the SSL Encryption dosn’'t work. I checked the logfile and got the following

2006.08.17 11:18:54 Serverinstanz (unverschlüsselt) auf Port 5269 gestartet (Starting the Server on Port)

2006.08.17 11:18:54 Plain-Instanz (unverschlüsselt) auf Port 5222 gestartet (Starting the Plaininstance on Port)

2006.08.17 11:18:55 SSL Socket (verschlüsselt) auf Port 5223 gestartet (Starting the SSL Socket on 5223)

2006.08.17 11:18:55 Shutting down SSL port - suspected configuration problem (Ok this one is english )

In the Error Log I find this one but I don’'t know what it means: No available certificate or key corresponds to the SSL cipher suites which are enabled.

What doese it mean with suspect configuration Problem? I didn’'t find something here on the Forums what helped me solfe this Problem, so I hope you can helpe me on this way (or maybe tell me where I can find the solution in this Forum )

Thanks a lot for helping me.


PS: The Wildfire runs on a Linux System (SuSE 9.3)

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Hey Magath,

A reason for having that error is that you don’'t have RSA and DSA certificates. AFAIK, most clients out there will use certificates with the DSA algorithm while some of them need the RSA algorithm. Make sure that you have certificates for both algorithms in your keystore.


– Gato


This is thomething I found in the forum. The question is, how can I do that? Ich have a cert from CaCert thats all.

How can I get a DSA and a RSA Cert?

Sorry, I’'m realyy new to this SSL thing. Hopefully somebody is able to help me.

Thanks a lot


Hello again

I just got a RSA and a DSA Cert an installed both. But it didn’'t work. Must they have special names like the Standard Certs of Mr. John Doe.

They are named rsa and dsa.

Is this a must be?

I also had a Problem with an admin-console.log file which was spammed with a mass of mesdsages that something went wrong with my SSL and filled up my diskspace. After a few hours it had a size of nearly 71GB. Thats sick and it took a while until I found this out.

Ok so far so good. is there something I have to do with the certs? They are selfsigned and all points are filled out with the right things (I think)

Ok maybe now somebody has an idea and is able to help me with this.

Thanks a lot

Greetings Magath