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Problem with AD intergration

Hi all.
I’m trying to install openfire_4_4_1. I choose AD integration and enter all settings:

DN base: CN=“Openfire”,CN=“Users”,DC=“domain”,DC=“local”
DN admin: domain\admin
Password: pass

Then I make test settings and it’s OK

But when I’m trying add admin account from LDAP in the next settings step i have the error:No username was specified or the specified username was not found.

What’s wrong? It’s fresh install on the new server.

‘admin’ is the default username, maybe it won’t let you make another admin with the same name. Try another user.

I’m not helping :slight_smile: I thought you were trying to add an admin user named ‘admin’, it looks like that is not the case

your base dn looks wrong and may be too restricted. Its likely you are using OU and not containers, so your base dn would look like DN base: OU=Openfire,OU=Users,DC=domain,DC=local

which means only objects in that path will be picked up. Id suggest setting your base dn to the root of your domain, and then us search filters to filter out what you do/dont want.

so base dn would be something like dc=domain,dc=local

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Thanks for help. I really needed to use base dn like “dc=domain,dc=local”
Then i filtered users by using user filter and then added “admin” as admin user without any problem/