Problem with admin console

Dear all,

I am using wilfire version 3_0_1 on fedora core 4.

When i restart wildfire, i can’'t login to admin console. Admin Console asking for setup info again. I have searching solution for this problem in this forum and i meet this issue : and

But i still can’'t resolve my problem cause i dont understand with java programming.

Any one can help me…??

Thanks in Advance


You don’'t need to understand Java programming to get it working, believe me I am no expert.

What database are you using to authenticate to, also have you checked your credentials to ensure they can log into your database?

I have seen where 8 out of 10 times usually it is the database connector that causes the infinite setup looping.


Hi there

My server is also affected by this strange behaviour…

The last time the problem solved from alone… just one reboot and the problem was taken away…

The server ran about 2 weeks stable… and after this reboot it shows me up the Installation Process…

Anyone an idea?

Greedings Bastian


Thanks for ur quick respon

I am using mysql ver 4 to authenticate my user.

all user can login to database without any problem.

My problem just console admin.

I have close my browser for one or two hour and then tried open my browser and goto to admin console again but the problem still the same.

Please help me for fix this problem

Thanks in advance

Can both of you put your config in this thread so we can take a look at your setup. Don’'t forget to change your account names, server names, and passwords.



which user (recommended: jive) is running Wildfire?

Does this user have the right to modify (write) conf/wildfire.xml?



This is my wildfire.xml :

Please help me to solve my problem

Thanks in advance



maybe wildfireHome is set to something wrong and thus this file is not found. Could you please run the start script as user ??jive?? with “sh -x ./wildfire start” to verify that wildfireHome is set right.

It could actually happen that Wildfire if you start it this way and does not query the connect information again.