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Problem with all plugins


Appologies is this has been coverd before, i have tried searching the forums many times before posting,

My issue is with Wildfire 3.1.1 running on Fedora Core 5, Everything works normaly untill i place some plugins in the plugins directory, after a few seconds it picks up the new .jar file and installs it. THEN after a few more moments it unloads it.

My debug log looks like this:

2007.01.30 16:49:30 Unloading plugin gateway

2007.01.30 16:49:10 Loading plugin registration

2007.01.30 16:49:10 msn: Sending packet:

2007.01.30 16:48:42 Loading plugin gateway

2007.01.30 16:48:42 Loading plugin broadcast

2007.01.30 16:48:42 Extracting plugin: registration

2007.01.30 16:48:40 Unloading plugin registration

2007.01.30 16:48:40 Extracting plugin: broadcast

2007.01.30 16:48:38 Unloading plugin broadcast

2007.01.30 16:48:37 Extracting plugin: gateway

2007.01.30 16:48:35 Unloading plugin gateway

When it unloads the gateway plugin everyone gets chucked off MSN, then back on.

Not sure if its something i have done or not.

Any help would be appriciated.



I had a similar problem. The cause was the modified date on the plugin jar file was in the future (compared to the server’‘s clock). In my case, both server and development machine’'s clocks were properly synced, but the NFS server to which I copied my plugin on its way to the server was about 40 minutes ahead of current time.

The solution was to make sure the clocks on all of our machines have the time set properly and now OpenFire (wildfire) stops trying to reload the plugin every few seconds.