Problem with certain MSN users and Beta 4

Good afternoon,

We have about 15 users using the IM gateway through Wildfire, right now only MSN is enabled on the system.

However we can’'t seem to understand why certain users never get a transport connection and others can. We double checked the passwords and username are correct by logging through msn, but each time we register these users via spark or directly in the gateway, nothing. It remains as Last login: never from the wildfire admin portal.

Any ideas on how to go about troubleshooting and fixing this?

Thank you


I -believe- beta 5 will fix this. I was running into an issue where -my- account wouldn’‘t log in, but all of my test accounts could just fine. Turned out that the MSN server I was pointing to was questionable. I’'ve fixed this in beta 5. If you are comfortable with building the .jar out of SVN and trying out a non-release, then you may want to give that a shot.