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Problem With Configuring Jive Messenger


I have installed the jive messenger. Server on which i installed the jive messener don’‘t have a domain name so i just used the public ip. Now i am using exodus as a client. i created two users on that sever. problem is that both users can connect to the server but don’'t show their online status to each other instead they show pending status.

have your created any group on server? And if, have you put these users to that group?

Hey goharsharf,

When you add a new contact to a roster make sure to specify the bare JID (e.g. user1@ Replace with the hostname that you are using which in your case it’'s an IP address. After doing this, user1 should get a presence subscription request. Once user1 has accepted the request, the other user will be able to see him online.


– Gato

No user1 doest not get the subscription request. I am using exodus-

what what version?? Where do you get that? The last version of Exodus is You should use this.


Thnks EveryOne. This community is great. I am really impressed the way every one cntributed in resolving my issues. Thnks again.