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Problem with contact list


I´m using a Jive server ( 2.2.2 + R.H AS 3.0 ) in my local network. Now we have 75 users online using Pandion. In Jive server, I created some shared groups, enabled to all users. Sometimes, when users logged in system, your contact list is empty, and just back restarting the service of jive.

This problem has occurrence with frequency. Anybody can help me ?



Check out if you don’'t have sockets in SYN_WAIT, it could be related to this: JM-409 issue (solved in 2.3.0 b1).



Where can I change de sockets to use a Socket#connect ?

I upgrade to 2.3.0-b1 version, and the problem persists. Can you help me ?


Yep… The problem still continues.