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Problem with CSR in 3.2.2

I have tried a number of times to register my certificate request with my Certificate Authority - GeoTrust through Enom’'s registration tool.

When attempting to submit the copied CSR text from the Openfire (Wildfire) Admin console I get the following error from Enom

An error occurred: CODE: -2022 MESSAGE: CSR country code invalid.

The CSR that was supplied is not valid.

For some reason it does not like the Country Code which is strange, because I am using ‘‘US’’ for the code, which is the standard ISO code for the United States.

I have registered over 30 domain certificates using this tool for multiple server solutions and have never had a problem. So I am wondering if there is an issue with the CSR generation tool in 3.2.2.

I have also submitted a ticket to Enom on this issue but have not heard back as of yet.



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