Problem with Identity Parameter Display for External Components?

Hi guys

Long time no write, Hope all of you are well up :slight_smile:

I have been looking some Whack stuff and played around with the weather sample and
the API. I have it all running quite nicely so for, with help of the Topics Posted here already,
actually quite straight forward.

One thing i did come across is while i registered successfully as a External Component,
I do see the it listed in the Component Session Manager in the Openfire Admin,
But regardless of How i set the: Name / Description, it dose not display.

Just for reminding:

public String getName() {
return “US Weather”;
public String **getDescription() **{
return “Weather component - sample component”;

I have tried also implement it within Whack by building it, even added something as
"getType", that is also missing in the Component Class, still no Joy.

If i am not wrong, we have in Openfire’s InternalComponentManager something as:


for (Component component : components) {
if (component instanceof ComponentSession.ExternalComponent) {
ComponentSession.ExternalComponent externalComponent =
(ComponentSession.ExternalComponent) component;
externalComponent.setName(identity.attributeValue(“name”)); <-----------
externalComponent.setType(identity.attributeValue(“type”)); <---------
externalComponent.setCategory(identity.attributeValue(“category”)); <------------

as pulled out of a attribute Value form “identity” (Node?)

My Question therefor is, is that so fare implemented yet in Whack?
Resp. can someone point me to a direction of how to approach, or what i might have missed?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best Regards,