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Problem with IPWorks

hi to all!

I have developed a Java client using smack library and I have no problem… but unfortunally I have to develop a .NET client for OpenFire that could be running over windows.

I’‘ve tryed IPWorks library v.6 and I can did a simple demo with old wildfire version. Now I’‘ve to format my desktop and I must to reinstall all the platform (VS.NET and IPWorks v6)… but the web site http://www.nsoftware.com/download/ it seems down and I can’'t to download the TRY versione (if you click on TRY, you have a webpage error).

So I downloaded the same library from this link http://www.componentsource.com/products/ipworks-net/index-eur.html but it seems a different version from the IPWorks you can’'t download from the original web site…

so, Do u know same .NET library easy to use for do a simple client accessing in open fire?

thank u

Hi freesdraaa,

While I’'ve never worked with any of the them there are a number of C# libraries that you might want to investigate.

Hope that helps,