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Problem with JAVA memory


I`m in with a problem with JAVA memory in my openfire server. The memory stay with default value, 247,5MB.

I’ve made the adjusts in the openfired.vmoptions and openfire-service.vmoptions (service mode) but the settings aren’t apply.

both are configured with values:



SO: Windows Server 2008 Standard R2, database openfire default, openfire 3.8.2

Where do you check how much memory is reserved for the JVM? Do you use service or run Openfire via launcher? Are you sure you have created the openfired.vmoptions file and not the text file openfired.vmoptions.txt? It must have an extesnion .vmoptions, not the .txt. I have tested with openfired and it works fine.

Here’s the files with desired settings, if you can’t create them on your own. Extract the zip archives.
openfired.vmoptions.zip (173 Bytes)
openfire-service.vmoptions.zip (187 Bytes)