Problem with Openfire connection


I have to write some simply IM communitor based on XMPP standard so, I installed Openfire as server, and download jabber-net library for .NET. First of all in my all concept I only want to connect with server by the simplest way, I put the jabberclient control on the form, next in the code I set a few properties and unfortunately i can’t connect. Program throw me a window with invalid certificate which is maybe cleary, i click “allow once” but nothing happened. There is no error event more nothing like this, application is running but I’m not connected. I check this with the Openfire admin console, where the active sessions is empty:(. I tried to do this in diffrient ways, but the only thing that I come is that in the logs of Openfire I have information (everytime I try to connect from my application ):

2011.08.04 00:41:05 User tried to authenticate with this server using an unknown receipient: moj

For more information I say that Openfire is running on my local computer, this same which from I build application in VS 2008 .NET and try to connect ( firewall is disabled ). This is the part od my code:

I know that maybe for lot of people it would be very simply and trivial problem, but I just started to work with this, and I couldn’t find any resolve of this in the net, and other forums, so I will very grateful for any help or advice

jabberClient1.User = textBox1.Text;
jabberClient1.Password = textBox2.Text;
jabberClient1.Server = “”;
jabberClient1.Resource = “work”;

rosterManager1.Stream = jabberClient1;
rosterManager1.AutoSubscribe = true;
rosterManager1.AutoAllow = jabber.client.AutoSubscriptionHanding.AllowAll;

presenceManager1.Stream = jabberClient1;

rosterTree1.RosterManager = rosterManager1;
rosterTree1.PresenceManager = presenceManager1;


P.S. I’m sorry for my english, but I know that I need to have a lot of work with this:), and I couldn’t find anywhere help in my language (polish :))