Problem with openfire database integration using md5 stored passwords

Hy !

Im try to configure custom database integration in openfire. Its work fine to me if i configure it to use plain passwords. But when i store md5 hash of passwords an configure the integration tu use md5, it never work .?any sugestion?

For example, the md5 hash for pass : “lolo” is “d6581d542c7eaf801284f084478b5fcc”

I put this hash in the password colum of table, but this never work

thaks in advace for every one


HI i’m having the exact same issue.

Anyone can give us a hint?

did you manage to solve your problem??

bump… anyone?


You need to put:


<passwordSQL>SELECT md5pwdfield FROM scheme.userpwdtable where username = ?</passwodSQL>



in your configuration file.


This is part of my configuration file. I have this part exact that you describe, but not work at all Sugestions ??? Thanks, Danyel.

org.postgresql.Driver jdbc:postgresql://x.x.x.x:xxxx/database?user=user&password=pa ss org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.JDBCAuthProvider SELECT encryptedpassword FROM table WHERE username = ? md5