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Problem with ParticipantStatusListener#nicknameChanged

There are to issues i have encountered when using this method the first I think is a bug and the second i believe is a design issue.

The first issue i encountered is that the participant string that is passed in by the MultiUser Chat is inconsistant with the other participant(s) passed in in other ParticipantStatusListener methods, whereas the participant passed in through joined for instance is a fully qualified jabber id the participant string passed in theough nicknameChanged is only that of the resource, and it is a resource of the “new” nickname at that. So then I am also clueless as to who changed their nickname, from what to what.

This leads me to the second issue which in my mind also provides a possible solution. It is in my mind consistant with the design to make the method nicknameChanged(String participant, String newNickname) or something like that. So i can no who has changed their nickname and to what it has changed.

Thanks for your time,


Hey Alex,

Oops, that message is totally wrong since the participant that is changing his nickname is not available. I created the issue SMACK-55 for this problem.

Thanks for the bug report.

– Gato