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Problem with Person Search

I’'m having problem with the person search.

wildfire 3.2.4, Spark 2.0.8

search 1.3.1

I perform a search and spark says I get no results yet I can see the search performed in the LDAP logs and spark receives the packets.

I’'m pretty sure that spark times out the search before the results packet is returned.

Can this be configured ?

Answering my own question solution may be of use to others.

We are using LDAP (Netscape iPlanet / SunOne) as a user provider and the search plugin by default searches

cn, mail and uid with a wildcard eg. cn=xxx* or uid=xxx* and mail=xxx*

Looking at each of these queries the uid search was very slow. This is because the use of the wildcard is very slow without substring indexes, which uid does not have by default (in IPlanet atleast).

Solution. Make sure all the attributes searched have a substring index.