Problem with presence to GTalk accounts


I’m having a problem with one of my contacts. He won’t receive my presence properly, even though I’ve authorized it. If I resend authorization things work fine for about five minutes, and also if I send auth, I’m online for another five minutes before going offline. I’m suspecting something on either Openfire or GTalk doesn’t add up. The server I use run Openfire 3.3.3, and I use Psi 0.11(rc2). Other contacts can see me just fine. My friend use the GTalk client ( People who use the GTalk server but not the GTalk client seems to get along with me just fine.

Any ideas what could be wrong?
yahoologinRun1.TXT (5437 Bytes)
yahoologinRun2.TXT (5477 Bytes)
yahooLoginRun3.TXT (5662 Bytes)