Problem with REST webservice

Hey guys!

I’m trying to implementing a plugin using RESTEasy but i can’t access my webservice url. I can deploy my plugin without an error.

Here is what i did:


<web-app>     <context-param>
    </context-param>     <listener>
    </listener>     <servlet>
    </servlet>     <servlet-mapping>

And the class that represents my web service:

public class UserResource {     @GET
    public String teste(){
        System.out.println("HERE WE ARE");
        return "test";
    } }

The class that implements Plugin

public class TestPlugin implements Plugin {        @Override    public void initializePlugin(PluginManager manager, File pluginDirectory) {
    }     @Override
    public void destroyPlugin() {

What’s wrong?

Can i use REST webservices or i need to use Servlets to interact with clients?

Thanks in advance.