Problem with sending packets above a certain size

I’m facing an issue where sending messages that are larger than a 12k puts my openfire server into a state where I only receive messages. I cannot send any messages out. For example:

I send an xmpp message out that has a large body.

Other users can send messages to me and I receive them but if I send any other messages the server doesn’t respond to me nor do my chat recipients receive my messages.


Which version of Openfire please? (hopes you say something ancient)

The version I’m using is 3.9.3

Are you able to test with 3.10.2 or current nightly builds?

Unfortunately I’m in a situation where I can’t use a newer version. I think I may have tracked the problem down to the websocket plugin we’re using. There’s a value for buffer size that’s getting set in MyWebSocketServlet

String bs = getInitParameter(“bufferSize”);

this._webSocketFactory = new WebSocketFactory(this, bs == null ? 8192 : Integer.parseInt(bs));

My theory is it’s defaulting to 8192, this is close to the size of message that’s causing the problem. The question is where is getInitParameter(“bufferSize”) trying to read that value from?