Problem with server properties "xmpp.muc.create.anyone" and "xmpp.muc.create.jid"


I have Openfire on CentOS 7.

So, i would like to denied creating room chat with client XMPP. I add properties “xmpp.muc.create.anyone” with web interface and i set the value at “true”. I add properties “xmpp.muc.create.jid” with web interface and i set the JID that allow to create room so "manuel@". But, when i’m connecte with user "remy@" I can create room chat and speak. Why ?

Thanks !

You can set these settings via GUI (Admin Console > Group Chat > Groupchat Settings > select existing conference service > Room Creation Permissions). From this page you can see that those properties exclude one another. If you enable first one, then anyone can create rooms. So select second one and add JIDs you want to be able to create rooms. I believe system properties you mentioned are old and have no effect anymore (as Openfire can now have multiple conference services) and the changes on this page are saved somewhere in the database.

Then it should work as you expect. But only if your server is indeed named as “” (does it has xmpp.domain property with such value?). Because JID should have a server’s name, not the IP, in there.

It’s good, thanks !