Problem with Spark, all versions tested

Hi, we use Spark in our company and I’ve got one single user with this problem. Everything seems to be fine until we try to start a chat with someone, either by double clicking or right clicking and pressing to start a chat. The chat window never shows up, it opens, but it seems its in permament minimized mode. We can’t select it.

I’ve uninstalled, and installed all thse versions: 2_6_3, 2_7_0 and 2_7_7. The issue persisted though.

I tried removing the history chat, as it seems to be a problem in older versions, cleared out registry. Nothing seems to work.

Specs: intel gpu G2020

      4GB ram

      Win7 SP1

As is most of our machines,

I appreciate the help!

try deleting %appdata%\Spark

Are you using the bundled jre or the system java? if system, what version?

I’ll try that asap, and come back with an answer.

I’m using the spark with JRE included, if I got your question right

Thanks for now