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Problem with spark audio/video

Hi ,

i am new to open fire and red5.

i am using openfire 3.6.4 ,red5-0.1.11, spark2.6.3 (red5 0.0.6) in windows.

plugin and everthing installed fine comming to audio/video is not working

iam getting blank screen re5 audio/video presence

how can i start using this without any problem .

please any one help me on this …


Hi All ,

i am also facing same issue while usingaudio/video presence from Spark client i am getting blank screen.

Can someone assist us for resolve thisissue…

Immediate response will be highly appreciated.


Hi,try to search redfire instead of red5.

Red5 for openfire plugin called redfire now in googlecode.

Be sure you have deleted the old appdate before you try redfire.

Hi,Shankar Mardhekar,try to search redfire in googlecode.

First, can you confirm that audio/video is working from the red5/redfire test page? It should be available at http://your-server:7070/redfire/ by default.

If it’s not working or accessable, confirm that all java/flash components are set up the right way on your computer and try screen sharing or audio/video from here: http://goo.gl/dQPJx (test page of my server)

Besides, i advise you to upgrade on to the latest openfire version (3.7.1) and the redfire version

Redfire version 0.3.0