Problem with Spark, Wildfire, and Spark Manager

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I’'m using Spark Manager 1.1.0, Wildfire 2.5.1, and all clients are running Spark 1.1.3.

Spark Manager is set to 1.1.3_online for its recommended version.

All of my clients receive daily requests to upgrade them to 1.1.3.

What is going on?

Would you mind describing[/i] what exactly your problem is?


I have the Spark Manager installed. I’'ve instructed it, that all clients should be running spark_1_1_3_online. (I had some clients that were running 1.0). When I launched my IM server to the company, I made sure everyone got 1.1.3 either via the Spark Manager update or by outright installing it.

Now, every day when people sign on they all get messages “Spark 1.1.3 is available. Would you like to upgrade?”. Whether you say ‘‘yes’’ or ‘‘no’’, the message keeps coming.

I finally had to remove the plug in because of the ammount of calls.

Why would it keep saying people need the version they already have?


It’'s because you are asking it to use the online version. To fix this issue, just rename your spark_1_1_3_online to spark_1_1_3.exe.



Sweet =)

Little odd that it operates that way, but hey; I’'ll take it. I lvoe the fact I can auto update my clients remotely.


At the time of the question being asked, the file name must be spark_x_x_x.exe and not spark_x_x_x_online.exe.

The file could be the online install, its name just needed to be changed.