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Problem with transport (ICQ)


i’'m using smack in my bot ( http://galena.sphene.net ) and registered with the icq transport of my jabber server… and it works at the beginning…

but after a few hours the bot goes offline in icq…

(when i tell the bot it should send a presence message to the transport the bot goes back online)

my problem is … that i don’'t know how to detect when the bot goes offline in icq so i can automatically resend a presence message.

(the transport itself is always marked as unavailable in the roster … so i couldn’'t listen for a roster event)

so how could i detect when the bot is online in icq ?

thanks in advance

Herbert Poul

You could essentially ping the transport once every few minutes. Just set up a java.util.Timer or something.

I don’'t know if this is a best way, but this sounds like a problem with the transport.


well … yes … it seams to be a problem with the transport, but i thought there is some way to detect that it went offline in ICQ … but anyway…

sending an available message every few minutes should also work i guess…

so… thx

Herbert Poul