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Problem with transports and more than one resource per JID


I have installed pyMSN and pyICQ transports and connected them to wildfire2.4.3 under Linux. Was no problem setting this up and registering my ICQ and M$N accounts. Also have no problems using them.

But if I connect with a 2nd jabber client to my JID with different resource, let’‘s say Desktop and Notebook, the transports start making trouble. The first client Desktop[/i] is logged in and it is working without a problem. Then I login on other computer with same JID and the resource Notebook[/i]. And then the problems start. On Notebook[/i] I see M$N users online but the transport is marked as offline. The ICQ transport is also marked as offline and also no user is shown online. If I logout with Desktop[/i] suddenly the transports and ICQ users get visible in Notebook[/i]. hmmmm I have also realized other strange things like if I logout with one client and login lets say one hour later again I see the users online that were online when I left and it doesn’'t get updated until I logout with the other jabber client. And several other such strange things.

These problems occur only if I login to one JID with two different resources. No problems otherwise! Is this a bug in Wildfire or with these transports? It is the first time I try them on my jabber server and I just know from other public servers I use and there I didn’'t have such problems.

Anyone who made same experiences or someone who can say that it is working and just a problem here? Thank you very much!



No one else who realized such a behavior? hmmmm Anyone who can confirm it is working to login with two clients to the same jabber JID and that the transports work properly?