Problem with users not seeing each other

I have a very interesting problem that i’m not sure quite how to fix… I recently updated our server to 3.6.0

The install went smoothly with no problems. But now that the server is running, users can log in, but cannot see each other. If i log into admin panel i can see all the users logged on and “Available” but no user can see or communicate with each other. We are using an Active directory as the database.

Help? =(

Please, anybody.

I’m using an embedded Database. And i’m at a loss as to why the server doesnt give any errors, and from admin panel appear to be running perfectly. But end users are not able to see any other users online. If anybody has ANY ideas, they are very appreciated.

Thank you.

Some more things that i have noticed.

No user has other users in the offline group or anywhere else. The security groups that i am using are from pre-update.

I’ve been removing and rejoining individual users to the security group but it doesnt appear to be working. Should i delete the group altogether and remake it?

Fixed it myself…

Had to go to Users/Groups, and then make sure the correct group is checked “Share group with additional users” and “Everyone”