Problem with Yahoo gateway

I installed openfire and set up a Yahoo gateway. Everything seems very good. However there a problem with status of friend in yahoo.

I have several friends in Yahoo. Each has a status. Actually friend A has status AAAAA, friend B has status **BBBB **and friend C has status CCC.

However when I use spark to connect openfire server, the status of my friend is so strange, frien A has status AAA, friend B has status **CCC **and friend has no status. Is this a bug?

PS: The gtalk and MSN gateway work well.

I want to remove this post

No idea?

This could be an IM Gateway bug (if you are using IM Gateway plugin), so it’s better should be posted in IM Gateway forum. IM Gateway further development is now in question. So it’s hard to say whether it will be fixed or not and when. Could be also a Spark issue. Can you try it with different clients, e.g. Exodus, Psi?

Also, you probably dont want your personal information (your friends’ nicknames) to be shared on the Internet. I would suggest to remove that screenshot. Your description is informative enough.