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Problems change server name

Hello there,

We have just installed wildfire for the first time. We performed the standard installation on a windows NT server with Wildfires own database. All worked! Great!

Now we have changed the name of the server from the standard ‘‘server’’ to ‘‘psi’’. We restarted the server, and we cannot connect anymore. Strange! Now we changed back the name to ‘‘server’’, and we can connect again. Strange!

Does anyone know what is happening? How to solve this?



Hi Victor,

you may look in the error log files. I assume that “server” was resolvable by the clients someway and psi isn’'t. You may want to setup DNS SRV records for your server and name it like your internet and email domain like jivesoftware.com does it.

www.jivesoftware.com, mailto:matt@jivesoftware.com and xmpp:matt@jivesoftware.com are easy to remember.


Hello LG,

Thanks for the answer, I see your line of reasoning, I think you are right, but do not know how to solve it. Is there a how-to that you know of? I am also not a Windows expert.

The idea is that we like to have a im system in the organisation and Wildfire and Spark seemed to be a nice solution.



A little more info would be needed here.

If your renaming the actual windows machine and trying to connect to in from inside your firewall, the first step would be to ping the box form another machine on the same subnet. --> click start, Run, type cmd (this will bring up the command prompt) then type: ping computername[/i]. this will tell you if the other computers inside your network can resolve the new host name.

the other solution would be to use the IP address rather than the host name. i.e.

if this doesnt help please let us know exactly what type of network you are using and how you are trying to connect.

Senate eskridge

Hi Victor,

this seems to become a network and not a Wildfire question. Do you have a network or system administrator around or are you a small company without internal servers?

Setting up Windows DNS entries has not really something to do with Wildfire, google.com or a Windows forum may be a much better resource.


Hello LG,

You are right. The question is outside the scope. But thanks for helping me so far.


Hello Senate,

Thanks for the help.

We are indeed a small organization (NGO) in the heart of Africa (Burundi) trying to implement internal IM to overcome the ever failing internet connections. When the internet connection goes down we just want to continue communicating and sharing files in a very easy manner. There is hardly any local IT capacity available.

We are running a very tiny and very basic local network. The server (1) running NT4 and the client machines XP (20). The server is only used for the internet connection and we are trying to install a central virus control.

I have just been asked to assist them a bit on a volunteering basis, but I am totally not a windows expert (linux is my thing).

In spite of this information I agree with LG that this question is out of scope of this forum. If you like to assist us a bit more you are more than welcome, but let’'s do it outside the forum. My email address victor[at]eacoss[dot]org

Best regards,


Hi Victor,

so I assume you want to use it only locally (without internet access). As you have only 20 clients you may be able to edit the C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file and add a line like: psi conference.psi

if your server has the internal IP address

Be sure to add the xmpp.domain[/i] (psi) and conference.xmpp.domain, otherwise some clients may fail to use MUC. It would be cool to use eacoss.org as xmpp.domain so your email and IM addresses are the same but then you must use DNS SRV records.

This is really a very quick and dirty method and if you want to change the server name again or if the server changes its IP address (new hardware) you’‘ll have to edit all hosts files. If a new PC (PC 21) is added to your network one needs to edit its hosts file. So I don’'t like and recommend this solution.