Problems Connecting Android Jabiru client to Openfire

I have installed the Jabber client called Jabiru on my Android HTC phone. I can connect find to the openfire server at work when the phone is connected to wifi at work or to wifi at home whereby it is connected via vpn to the office network. As long as I have the internal server address of entered and the phone is connected directly or by vpn to the work network all works but trying to connect remotely fails.

We run a Cisco ISR that provides network access and it is managed solution. I asked the providors to open up the following ports and port forward them to the internal Openfire server address of (5222, 7777, 3478, 3479), This connection does not work no matter what I try. I have disabled the firewall on the server in case it was interferring but it did not help. .

Is there other ports I need to forward? or something I have missed.??

I know the next version of Android will feature vpn support which means I could setup a vpn connection to the work network direct from the handset and then connect like I am now to the internal address of … but it would be easier if I could connect through the port forwarding solution.