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Problems creating admin account

Hi all.

I’m trying to setup openfire on SLES 11.1 (SuSE Linux). It’s running IBM JVM 1.6 as SUN is no longer supported.

Everything LOOKS good, and I can start the service. I can even point sparkweb at the server and create accounts.

My problem is I go through the setup wizard and I assign a valid e-mail address for mail (root@localhost - that’s me!) and then give an admin password.

At the next screen to hop into the control panel, I type in “admin” as my username and the password, and I got nothing. It keeps rejecting my credentials with an invalid username warning in red text.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,


This is fixed. There’s XML missing from the openfire.xml file which I found in another users file. Specifically the list of allowed usernames isn’t populated, so “admin” and “jknarr” don’t work. Both these users work once they are added to the file.