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Problems for some users in group chat

Hi All,

I’m having a little trouble in a group chat room that I’m hoping someone may be able to help with.

I created a permanent. For most users in the room it’s fine, they can type messages that everyone can see however for a number of others they get an error when ever then type in a message: “Received a forbidden error from the server.” These users can see everything that is being said but they get this message every time.

Note room is private and password protected. Bringing themselves in or being invited does not seem to make a difference.

See attached for a screenshot of the error.

Many thanks in advance!

Apologies for the bump but I don’t suppose anyone could suggest a possible solution for this issue?


One of our users is receive the same error… Did you get to the cause?

Thanks in advance.

No I’m afraid not, I have not been able to find a solution for this at all. Very frustrating!


I was able to solve it on my end. The group was marked moderated and the user was not listed as a member. Adding the user as a member solved the problem.


See XEP-0045: Room Types in moderated rooms guests don’t have the privilege to speak, moderator can lead the discussion in this room.

Hi @@majorgonzo,

Please help me for how to create the room permanent.